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Zero Risk Identity Theft - On-Site Dependent Audits

What if a thorough dependent audit could be done in a way where the threat of identity theft was ZERO? What if employees simply had to SHOW (and never leave) their respective supporting documentation to a trained ON-SITE DEPENDENT AUDITOR? Sound far-fetched? Well, not really. Sending confidential documents is NO LONGER NECESSARY! A brief case study follows.

A manufacturer with approximately with 350 employees in two major locations wanted to verify all enrolled dependents in the medical plan. Unfortunately, given the "noise level" it anticipated from its employees re: identity theft, management opted to not forgo the savings opportunity. But then, we proposed an on-site audit. And that's when management gave the project a "green light" to proceed.

Much like a traditional dependent audit, employees were sent an Announcement Letter and a Dependent Verification Packet. Employees were encouraged to remove ineligible dependents without penalty during an Amnesty Period. Rather than send in dependent proof, employees were required to meet with the On-Site Audit Team one-on-one.

The process went very smooth! Employees were pleased with how simple and efficient a much dreaded process was. At the end of the day, the on-site audit provided the perfect balance of rigor and efficiency.

The bottom line, not all dependent audits need to be burdened with the risk of identity theft. Contact us today to learn more.

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