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1095-C Audit and 1094-C Audit


  1. Do you have 100% confidence your 1095 forms and 1094 filing are accurate?

  2. Are you 100% sure that all ACA eligible employees, active and inactive, received a 1095?

  3. Were all legal entities included?

  4. Do you know for certain that the codes on Line 14 (Offer of Coverage) and Line 16 (Employee Status) were correctly calculated for each month?

  5. Was the correct monthly premium for the lowest cost single only option used?

  6. Were all leaves (LOA) coded correctly?

  7. Did Waivers receive forms?

  8. Did pre-65 retirees receive forms?

  9. Were all Covered Individuals included (self-insured plan)?

  10. Were all SSNs accurate?

If you answered "no" to any of these questions, you should be interested in our 1095-C audit and 1094-C audit services. 


Our 1095/1094 Audits provide an objective and independent review of your 1095 forms and 1094 IRS filing based on your business organization, medical plan(s) and the data that was used to prepare your IRS reporting.


What are you waiting for?  Now is the time to conduct the audit as there's still time to remedy the data before it's submitted to the IRS.  And, you certainly don't want to repeat the same problem using the same flawed data and approach next year when the IRS scrutiny will be even more intense!


 Contact us now at 201.891.8010 to learn more.

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