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   1. Is your management team yearning for more compelling answers?

   2. Will adding de-identified medical and/or Rx claims data to your current human capital analytics create more compelling observations and opportunities?

   3. Would intuitive heat maps make it easier to make better discoveries faster?

If you answered "yes" to either of these then please keep reading.

Medical and Rx claims have so many use cases.  For example, adding claims data to a workforce analytics initiative can identify current or future risks to business unit X based upon the number of employees with serious health conditions that could lead to FTE shortages which would likely translate to missed revenue/profits.

A second use case for integrating medical/Rx claims into your analytics is to drive personalized communications.  For example, let's suppose your telehealth or transparency utilization stats are lower than expected.  Rather than send generic blasts to everyone, targeted health messages could be sent to audiences that reflect the matching demographic.  Starting to get the picture?

Regardless of the type of analytics project clients generally enjoy an ROI of at least 400% and at times even higher!  Clients can choose from a variety ways to engage us including: fixed fee, success, ROI guarantee, and in some cases, even on a barter basis.  Said another way, we will never lose an opportunity over money.

By engaging us to audit your plan clients can get peace-of-mind knowing the HR Best Practices team is on the job!  Please contact us now to learn more. 

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