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Do you have a business need, but aren't sure which service to use?

Reduce Member-related Healthcare Costs by 2% - 3%


Our Dependent Verification Service will help ensure only eligible spouses, domestic partners and children are enrolled in your plan.  You can choose from minimally disruptive to highly invasive methods depending upon your business goals.  We can even come on-site to review documentation to eliminate identity theft risks!  If you've already done a dependent audit and want a post-audit governance solution, we can use our telephone-based survey tool to get the job done!

Increase Premium Revenue by $1,200 Per New Surcharger


Our Working Spouse Audits will help identify new "surchargers" or "carve-outs" which will provide $1,200 to $6,000 or more in additional savings.  You can choose from minimally disruptive to highly invasive methods depending upon your business goals.

Make Great Discoveries Through BIG HR Data


Does your organization have A LOT OF DATA, but struggles with how to convert raw data into actionable information?  Look no further, our BIG HR DATA solution can help you!  For example, together we could discover data-driven causes related to unwanted employee turn over and use these learnings to increase employee retention.  Many more exciting opportunities exist.


Contact us today to see if you qualify for a free pilot project!

Reduce Financial Leaks and Improve Processes


Do you sense that "things" aren't 100% perfect?  Perhaps you think your TPA is dropping the ball from time-to-time.  Or, perhaps you know that the Leave or the Termination Process is costing your organization a lot of money because your staff doesn't have the time or tools to catch everything.    If that's the case, than contact us.  Our forensic (think CSI) style approach will quickly zero in on the root cause and help plug the leaks.

Comply With IRS ACA Reporting Requirements


Our 1094 and 1095 Reporting engine can help you comply with IRS ACA Reporting Requirements.  The technology behind our service is our proprietary Data Validation and Transformation Engine.  In the event you need a vendor to track hours for non-benefits eligible employees, our proven Counting Hours solution will be of interest to you.

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