Dependent Verification


  1. Would you like a more employee-friendly, less-invasive audit?

  2. Does the idea of auditing ONLY where you need to audit make more sense?

  3. Would you like fewer employees complaining about the invasiveness of your dependent audit?

  4. Does the idea of a 10X plus ROI sound compelling?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, our survey-based Dependent Verification Survey Solution is just for you.


How is this possible?  It's really quite easy.  Unlike other vendors that want to maximize their own revenue by mailing and reviewing lots of letters and documentation, our proven survey solution simply focuses on "at-risk" employees who fail to answer our survey questions with logical responses as well as employees who never respond to our requests for information.

Clients can choose to implement our survey solution using either paper, live agents or industrial strength web technology.  Regardless of the modality, you will be much happier with our more employee-friendly, less-invasive solution.

By outsourcing dependent audits to us clients can get peace-of-mind knowing the HR Best Practices team is on the job!  Please contact us now to learn more. 

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