Eligibility, Claim and Death Audits

We offer a wide range of health and retirement plan audits including:

  • Employee Eligibility Audits

  • Dependent Verification

  • Working Spouse Provision

  • Medical Claim Audits

  • Subrogation Audits

  • Prescription Drug Claim Audits

  • Wellness Audits

  • Death and Address Verification Audits

Regardless of the type of audit, clients generally enjoy an ROI of at least 400% and at times even higher!  Clients can choose from a variety ways to engage us including: fixed fee, success, ROI guarantee, and in some cases, even on a barter basis.  Said another way, we will never lose an opportunity over money.

By engaging us to audit your plan clients can get peace-of-mind knowing the HR Best Practices team is on the job!  Please contact us now to learn more. 

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