Let's face it.  There's a BIG difference among 1095/1094 vendors and most employers don't know the difference until it's too late.  You can buy "the bike" and yes, it's better than walking, or you can buy "the car" which is much faster, safer and more comfortable.  Plus with a built-in GPS, you have a computer to guide you turn-by-turn.  If you happen to make a wrong turn, it will even re-calculate for you.  That being said, wouldn't you prefer a car over a bicycle?  Please allow us to explain.

The bicycle can in fact get you from Point A to Point B with a lot of pedaling and wasted time (not to mention a high likelihood of getting lost and getting soaked in a downpour).  Metaphorically speaking, that translates to you have to figure out which Line 14 offer of coverage code and which Line 16 employee status code goes in each month for each recipient.  It also leaves too much to chance, particularly now that the IRS began issuing Employer Shared Responsibility Payment penalties to non-complying ALEs.


The car on the other hand when equipped with GPS gets you to your destination with less work and saves so much time!    The GPS actually figures out all the hard stuff so you don't have to.  One of the best "1095/1094 cars" on the market is Smart1095.   Oh and by the way, if you prefer a "limo" (ACA consulting, data management and fully outsourced processing), that's available at ACAmanagedServices.com.

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