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Death Audits and Address Updates


  1. Would you like to confirm the death of annuitants by simply using name and address?

  2. Have you done the "SSN math" and decided it's simply not worth the risk of sharing highly sensitive data with any vendor unless absolutely needed?

  3. Do you like the idea of using external consumer data to help confirm each annuitant's status?

  4. Does the idea of a "snail mail" or email campaign (to the extent available) sound like it makes a lot of sense?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you should be interested in our Death Audit services.

More specifically clients can benefit from the following services:

  • Data matching (using multiple consumer data bases)

  • Social media research

  • Annuitant mail campaigns (snail mail and email)

  • Advanced annuitant survey technology

  • Contact center

  • Address updates

  • Death status confirmation

By outsourcing Death Audits and Address Updates to us clients can get peace-of-mind knowing the HR Best Practices team is on the job!  Please contact us now to learn more. 

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