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We use a variety of proprietary technology to help clients meet or exceed their objectives.  A few examples follow.

Data Visualization (DV) - DV is an empowering technology that provides HR with the ability to make great discoveries based on innovative ways to better see and understand their data. Whether it be a standalone data file or many different HR data files DV is the absolute best tool for today's challenging "do more with less resources" times.  HRBP uses enhanced analytical software to display data in an easy to understand and simple to use format.  Analysis begins as soon as data has been staged.


Simply think of DV like this.  Picture an Excel spreadsheet.  Now picture Excel's graphing and charting capabilities.  DV starts where Excel stops. And it keeps going.  Its inherent ability to help end users make great data discoveries is compelling!


Unlike an ERP system, such as Oracle, SAP, Lawson or ADP that requires a lengthy, resource-intensive and expensive implementation process, DV is simply a "bolt-on" that can literally sit on top of any of those systems.  In fact, once we get the required data, we can "stand up" a DV application in as little as 2 weeks!  Given the flexibility and affordability of today's DV tools engagements can either be discrete, one-time projects, or continuous projects where functionality is expanded and data is refreshed on a periodic basis.  Please contact us today to learn more.


Predictive Analytics (PA) - PA helps large and jumbo employers "do much more with much less" simply through the use of advanced technology.  At its core, the main concept behind PA technology is a combination of scoring and stratifying the "target" population.  This is done through leveraging HR and external data assets.  Within each data asset resides specific information with predictive value.  When each of these predictors is blended with other valued pieces of information, this enables our model to surgically and precisely identify "the needles in the haystack" (i.e., specific employees that are likely to be exactly what we're looking for). 


For example, in the case of a 100% proof-driven dependent audit which requires all employees to submit supporting documentation, this is inefficient, costly and disruptive.  Rather than audit every employee, predictive analytics identifies the "at-risk" population (i.e., the employees that are highly likely to have ineligible dependents enrolled in the plan).  


PA is not only great for "greenfield" dependent audits, but it is also perfect for on-going governance.   Whereas the majority of on-going governance efforts simply focus on new hires, PA-driven clients will get materially better results as this approach helps identify employes with life event changes (i.e., divorce) that have not reported this change to the plan administrator.  Please contact us today to learn more.


In summary, HR Best Practices takes great pride in leveraging and applying advanced technologies to help clients meet or exceed their business objectives.   It is through a blend of these technologies that enable HRBP to continuous deliver high value projects on-time and within budget.


Data Privacy and HIPAA - HRBP recognizes the importance of data privacy and the importance for plans to partner with HIPAA-compliant vendors.  To that end, we only use secure and encrypted file sharing technologies, such as ShareFile to receive and send sensitive employee files.  Your data also resides on a HIPAA-compliant AWS server.  HRBP also signs a HIPAA BAA for every qualifying client.

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