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Low to No Cost Benefits for non-FT and Separated Employees

Let's face it.  Millions of Americans have not only lost their jobs, but they've also lost their health insurance.  Many part-time workers do not have any type of health plan.  Access to free or affordable care is more important than ever before!

That's where we come in.  Your terminated and non-FT employees can truly benefit from our low to no cost health services, including

Free Rx & Health Discount Card

Deeply Discounted Telehealth Services

Medicaid/Medicare Navigation

Low Cost Primary Care & Rx Plans

Supplemental Insurance Plans

"How you off-board employees is very important."

Laura Lee, MGM Resorts International - CHRO

Unpaid Health Care Benefits - A Lifeline for Covid-19 Displaced Workers
Benefits Magazine - August 2020

Low to no cost benefits make sense!  Why?  For starters, low to no cost health services will strengthen the bond between your employer and your recently laid off or furloughed employees.  Second, former employees already know the "lay of the land" and don't have to be trained.  They're ramped up and ready to go.  Just bring them back to work and add paycheck.   For little to no cost you can be a healthcare hero in the eyes of your inactive and/or non-FT employees.  Even your management team will be impressed - It's that easy! 

To learn more please read this article Unpaid Benefits - A Benefits Lifeline for Covid-19 Displaced Workers, published in Benefits Magazine (IFEBP) August 2020 issue (article is posted at top of this page).

Please contact us today to get started.

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