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Covid-19 Workforce Savings Calculator

Our savings calculator helps employers compute the savings derived from minimizing Covid-19 infections among vulnerable workers (employees with diabetes, hypertension, etc.) at the worksite. 
Enter the number of employees for a specific location of the entire business
Enter percentage of employees with underlying health conditions (most employers have a minimum of 20%)
Enter percentage of vulnerable employees that could get infected (at least 5%)
Enter anticipated average cost to treat.  It costs about $25,000 for a 5 day hospital stay
Enter fee estimate for our Workforce Risk Scoring Service ($18,000 minimum)
Adjustments are additive and are used for variables such as crowded housing, reliance on public transportation, and lower income.  Please note adjustments are optional and do not have to be added
Gross savings exclude cost of additional safety measures - cost of additional safety measures could be added into our fees to show the net savings and actual ROI
ROI is equal to gross savings less fees divided by fees
Safeguards pertain to the costs associated with preparing and maintaining a safe environment for the at-risk population.  Examples of additional safeguards include:
  • Stay at home pay
  • Company-paid transportation
  • Dividers
  • Office space
  • Deeper cleaning
The total return on investment which incorporates all associated costs and expected benefits
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